Tunisian prominent Singer/Songwriter Emel, returns with Second Album Ensen produced by her own record label “ Little Human Records” released on Partisan Records 24 February 2017.Emel’s first album, Kelmti Horra (My Word is Free), introduced her groundbreaking marriage of sounds steeped in Tunisia and electronic beats. On Ensen, she’s merged to a style that’s even more uniquely her own, combining organic and electronic sounds to produce a record that will appeal to any lover of innovative and heartfelt music.



“You hear a person refusing to compromise, a searing vision founded on real risks and the necessity of truth.”

- Pitchfork


It’s the astonishing range and sensuousness of Mathlouthi’s voice that is most compelling. There are swoops and growls reminiscent of Bjork and even traces of her goth past as she picks out minimal, reverberant lines on electric guitar which make you wonder if she’s also been listening to the xx.

- The Guardian




- The New York Times



"She is mesmerising, from mellifluous sweetness to full-throated power."

- The F.T.



"Here's a world diva with a difference"

- The Observer



"Mathlouthi’s sound borrows from tradition and infuses it with forward-thinking electronica in a manner that excites the ears and the mind. It’s her voice and her words, however, that excite the heart. "

- City Revealed, Iowa